Atlanta Beauty & Baber Academy is committed to improving student futures through providing lifelong education to be leveraged in the ever-growing demand for quality beauty services. We strive to generate and deploy quality-educated professionals into the beauty field in order to maximize the student’s ability to obtain state licensure and gainful employment.

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  • What are the admission requirements for beginning juniors at Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy?

    To apply as a beginning junior, you need to provide your Social Security Card, a valid form of identification (such as a Driver’s License, ID, Permanent Resident Card, or Passport), proof of being at least 18 years old, a High School Diploma (HSD), GED, or equivalent, and for foreign students, a translated and verified foreign diploma. Additionally, documentation of state certification is required for home-schooled students.

  • What documents are required for transfer students?

    Transfer students need to provide all documents listed for beginning juniors, along with transcripts from their previous institution. If transferring hours, the original school must be accredited by a national accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education.

  • Can students transfer out of Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy?

    Yes, students can transfer out of Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy to another accredited school. However, they must settle all financial obligations with Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy before requesting a transcript to be sent to the new institution.

  • What is the policy for re-entry into Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy?

    Students wishing to re-enroll within ninety days of voluntary withdrawal or termination will be subject to previously contracted tuition rates. After ninety days, students will be subject to any new tuition rates. All previous balances must be paid in full before re-entry.

  • What is the procedure for internal transfers within Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy?

    Internal transfers, defined as transferring from one program to another within the academy, are subject to refund calculations and settling any balances owed. Only relevant coursework/hours completed in the previous program will be transferred to the new program.


    The student must make sure that his/her High School Diploma (HSD) is translated to English if in any other languages. The Georgia state board will not accept High School Diplomas in any other language. The student and the school must recognize the following policies: The school reserves the right to deny any student’s HSD if considered invalid and/or illegitimate. Students are to be translated before the student is able to start his/her program of study. Any student providing a HSD received at an online institution is at risk of the HSD being rejected by the school in the event the school is not Department of Education (DOE) approved. If a student’s HSD looks questionable, the school will take the following actions to verify validity: - Search for the school's DOE code - Search and thoroughly review the school's website and assess for validity - Online HSDs are subject to extensive investigation, as they are more likely to be illegitimate - If an HSD cannot be verified, the student must obtain a GED prior to enrolling into the school.

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